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FEMA: Final Public Notice: Final Public Notice PW4596-00056/GMP PN 242536, City of Helena Final Public Notice The City of Helena has applied for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance(PA) Program funding through Alabama Emergency Management (AEM) as a sub-grantee.Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), federal actions must be reviewed and evaluatedfor feasible alternatives and for social, economic, historic, environmental, legal, and safetyconsiderations. Under Executive Order (EO) 11988 and EO 11990, FEMA is required to consideralternatives, and to provide a public notice of any proposed actions in or affecting floodplains orwetlands. EO 12898 also requires FEMA to provide the opportunity for public participation in theplanning process and to consider potential impacts to minority and low-income populations. This noticemay also fulfill requirements under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).Funding for the proposed project will be conditional upon compliance with all applicable federal, tribal,state, and local laws, regulations, floodplain standards, permit requirements and conditions. Sub-Applicant: City of HelenaProject Title: City of Helena Building and Content Damages - AmphitheaterLocation of Proposed Work: City of Helena Park, 4151 Helena RoadHelena AL, 35080Facility Address Latitude Longitude Date of ConstructionHelena Park 4151 Helena RoadHelena Al, 35080 33.296965 -86.844612 1999 Special Flood Hazard Area Zone: This project is for the repair and replacement of park elements. Allor portions of the work is located in an AE flood zone with some portions situated within an AEFloodway Zone. Confirmation of location in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) was determined bythe Shelby County Flood Insurance Rate Map, Panel # 01117C0211F dated 9/24/2021. The workconforms to all applicable State of Alabama and local floodplain regulations. There is a potential for theaction to be impacted by future flooding events due to its location. For full notice: click on link above. Final Public Notice: FEMA 56-FPN


Paving Bid Information


Request for Bids


Public Works Contract


Creekwater Subdivision Street Paving and Patching


RFB ID: 10192020


Date of Release: October 19, 2020


Date of Closing:  November 5, 2020




Statement of Purpose:




The City of Helena, Alabama is hereby posting this Request for Bids for the planing (milling), paving, and patching of portions of Creekwater Street and North Creekwater Street in the Creekwater subdivision in the City of Helena. The City of Helena will consider bid packages from qualified contractors.  Any firm or bid package which is found not in compliance with this Request For Bid specifications and requirements will be disqualified from the bid. Bids shall be sealed and delivered to the Office of the City Clerk located at 816 Highway 56 East, Helena, AL, 35080, or mailed to P.O. Box 613 Helena, AL, 35080 no later than November 5, 2020. 




All bids must comply with Alabama State Law, including but not limited to, Ala. Code (1975) 41-16-50 et seq. and provide all documentation of enrollment in the e-verify Program pursuant to Ala. Code 31-13-9. All bid information must be typed or printed in black ink. Bids shall be clearly marked “Sealed Bid” along with the project/bid name, RFB ID number, and date of opening listed on the outside of bid package.




Scope of Services:




This project involves the planing (milling) of the existing asphalt wearing surface and binder layers and placement of new asphalt on portions of Creekwater Street and North Creekwater Street in the City of Helena.  Areas to be planed and resurfaced are shown below and on the attached exhibit:


  1. Creekwater Street from roundabout to pavement joint at CR-93 radius

    1. Approximately 1,416 linear feet @ 24’ wide (approximately 3,786 square yards)

    2. Plane wearing surface and binder layers (approximately 3” thick)

    3. Place 2” asphalt binder and 1” asphalt wearing surface

  2. Creekwater Street roundabout

    1. Approximately 519 square yards

    2. Plane wearing surface and binder layers (approximately 3” thick)

    3. Place 2” asphalt binder and 1” asphalt wearing surface

  3. North Creekwater Street from roundabout to approximately 471’ north of roundabout

    1. Approximately 471 linear feet @ 24.5’ wide (approximately 1,282 square yards)

    2. Plane binder layer (approximately 2” thick)

    3. Place 2” asphalt binder and 1” asphalt wearing surface

    4. There is a small area just north of the roundabout where the wearing surface and binder will have to be planed (3” thick)

  4. Patching selected areas on the above streets as specified by the City during construction. 




The City of Helena will provide all asphalt plant mix and crushed aggregate base materials for this project. The Contractor will be responsible for:


  1. Plane or mill the existing asphalt wearing and/or binder layers from the designated streets.

    After the streets have been planed down to the crushed aggregate base, the Contractor shall install stone wedges at each residential driveway to maintain access to the residences.  The Contractor shall also install stone wedges at the ends of the planed areas to maintain access to the adjacent streets.  Wedges shall be constructed with crushed aggregate material supplied by the City of Helena or millings from the project.  The Contractor will be responsible for hauling the material from the plant to the project.

  2. Haul the asphalt from the plant to the project.  The costs for hauling asphalt to the project shall be included in the bid prices submitted.

  3. Install and compact the asphalt on the designated streets.  Asphalt shall be installed in general conformance with ALDOT Specifications Section 410 and 424.  The required 2% cross slope shall be established with the binder layer and carried through to the wearing layer.  The minimum thickness of the binder layer shall be 2”, and the minimum thickness of the wearing surface layer shall be 1”.

  4. Excavate locations where there are base failures.  This will include removal of the existing crushed aggregate base layer and could also include removal of underlying unsuitable soils.  Re-compact sub grade, install, and compact crushed aggregate base or asphalt patching.  Areas of excavation and patching will be specified during construction by the City.  Crushed aggregate base or asphalt base for patching will be provided by the City.  The Contractor shall haul the materials from the plant to the project site, and this cost shall be included in the Patching bid items below. 


    The Contractor will be responsible for hauling off and disposing of excavated materials at a suitable location.  The cost of hauling off and disposing of excavated materials shall be included in the Excavate Existing Crushed Aggregate Base pay item below.

  5. Placing bituminous treatment A (prime coat) on crushed aggregate base prior to placement of binder layer in accordance with ALDOT Specifications Section 401.  Bituminous treatment material shall be provided by the Contractor.  The labor, materials and equipment for bituminous A treatment shall be included in the bid price for placing the new asphalt binder layer.

  6. Placing tack coat on new binder layer in accordance with ALDOT Specifications Section 405.  The labor, materials and equipment for placing tack coat shall be included in the bid price for placing the new wearing surface layer.

  7. Providing temporary traffic control in accordance with the MUTCD.  The labor, materials and equipment cost for providing temporary traffic control shall be included in the bid price for installing the new asphalt binder and wearing surface layers.

  8. All asphalt and crushed aggregate base shall be compacted in general conformance with ALDOT Standard Specifications.




All bids must include all mobilization, labor, equipment, any materials specified above, and any other incidentals to complete the required work.




All references to the ALDOT Specifications refer to the Alabama Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, 2018 Edition.




This bid shall not include:


  1. Field or laboratory testing

  2. Engineering or construction stakeout work

  3. Any utility adjustments (none anticipated)

  4. New topsoil, grassing or seeding.  Any damage caused to existing lawns by the Contractor shall be repaired at the Contractor’s expense.

  5. Striping or markings




Qualifications of Contractor:




  1. Licensed as required by Title 34, Chapter 8, Code of Alabama, 1975

  2. Provide a copy of Alabama General Contractors License

  3. Able to provide a Certificate of Insurance for Comprehensive General Liability, Comprehensive Auto and Workman’s Compensation and the ability to maintain in full force and effect during the entire contract period. Liability limits should be no less than $500,000.00




Bid Qualifications:




Please provide confirmation and a response to each item listed below.




  1. Statement and qualifications and experience.

  2. Number of years engaged in business.

  3. Fully describe your company and experiences.

  4. History of successful and stable company operation for at least one (1) year.

  5. List past and present projects similar to this RFB within the State of Alabama.

  6. Include names and qualifications of personnel to be assigned to managing this proposed agreement.


The Contractor must be licensed, insured and authorized to conduct business in the City of Helena. Please attach a copy of all licenses and insurances.




Any questions may be addressed to the City of Helena Building Official, Chad Campbell at 205.663.2161.












Bid Form:




Lump Sum Items


Item Description



Item Cost

Planing Existing Pavement, 2” to 3” Thick, Approximately 5,581 Square Yards

Lump Sum



Install 2” Thick Asphalt Binder Layer & 1” Thick Wearing Surface Layer, Approximately 5,581 Square Yards

Lump Sum








Total Lump Sum Bid                                                                        $______________________________________




Unit Cost Items


Item Description


Estimated Quantity

Unit Cost

Item Cost

Excavate Existing Crushed Aggregate Base (Approx. 6” Thick)

Cu Yd




Patching (Alternate 1) – Recompact Subgrade and Install Asphalt Base (Approx. 3” Thick)

Sq Yd




Patching (Alternate 2) – Recompact Sub grade and Install Crushed Aggregate Base (Approx. 6” Thick)

Sq Yd







Total Unit Cost Items Bid                                                             $______________________________________






























Bid Submission




Bid packages shall be sealed with one (1) master copy and six (6) additional copies, and delivered to:




The City of Helena


Attn: Amanda Traywick, City Clerk


816 Highway 52 East


Helena, AL 35080


All bid proposals must be received no later than the posted deadline at  2:00pm (central time). Bid packages submitted after the posted date and time will not be accepted. Bid packages must be sealed and clearly marked with the Bid #, title, and the date of bid opening. Proposals may not be withdrawn for a period of (30) days after the closing date. The City of Helena reserves the right to reject any and all bids.




Please make sure that each item is included within your bid package. Failure to provide a complete package of submittals may result in disqualification from the bid process.








Bidder Name






Authorized Business Representative Name (Print)




________________________________________                                _______/_______/________


Authorized Business Representative Signature                                      Date of Submission
















RFB ID: 10192020