Police Explorers

Our mission is to instill, using law enforcement as a medium, basic values such as honesty, integrity, team work, and pride, in the young men and women of our community.

Exploring is open to youth ages 14-21 that are interested in Law Enforcement. As an explorer, you will get Hands On training from law enforcement professionals and the chance to Ride Along with ON DUTY Helena Police Officers. You will also have the chance to be involved in Community Service Projects and fun post activities.

We are a Chartered Explorer Post with Learning-for-Life, a division of Boy Scouts of America. To learn more about the Law Enforcement Exploring Program, please visit the Exploring.org.

If you are interested in joining the Helena Police Explorers or would like more information on the Helena Police Explorers, please contact us at (205) 663-6499 or by email: [email protected]