Youth Soccer


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on our Country and our community. Recently, this week, we have seen some cases of COVID-19 show up in a few Shelby County Schools, including here at our intermediate school. After assessing the current environment, we are living in, the board voted and has notified the Helena Parks and Rec Director that we will be suspending the Fall 2020 season. Many factors went into this decision but the most important is the risk factor of having the players compete in a close contact sport such as soccer. The safety of our players and parents have always been a top priority for our soccer club and now more than ever we must continue to live up that commitment.

We will be sending out full refunds for each registered player by September 19th. We appreciate each and everyone of you who support this club and our community and look forward to kicking off the Spring 2021 season TOGETHER!

Each sport continues to do their own assessment of the upcoming season, this notice is for the Helena Soccer Club Only.