Helpful City Information

Your City Code Enforcement Officer wants to remind everyone about some simple and basic rules to go by concerning property maintenance!

Property upkeep...

  1. Grass and weeds must be kept below 12" in height.
  2. Bushes and "natural areas" must be trimmed, so as not to cause overgrowth (for safety and health issues).
  3. Non-operable vehicles, or any vehicles on blocks must be kept out of site and awasy from public view (not in a driveway).
  4. Every resident is responsible for complying, even if you are renting or leasing your home.

If you should have additional questions or concerns about this, please contact your zoning enforcment officer at the Helena Police Department at 663-6499.

Garage Sales

  1. No more than 2 garage sales per year are allowed.
  2. A garage sale permit must be obtained prior to each sale.  They may be obtained through City Hall for a cost of $6.00 per residence per sale.  Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00A.M-5:00P.M.
  3. Garage sale signs are to be no closer than (20) twenty feet from a county or state road and (11 1/2) eleven and a half feet from a city street.  No signs are to be posted on utility poles or traffic control signs (stop signs).

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters. Let's keep Helena a clean city, and have a safe summer.